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A computer game which requires alot of strategy and takes place in the early "ADs". You can play as various civilizations and your goal is to rise to become the most powerful one (or last surviving) in the map. Online play is also featured. The expansion (AoE: Conquerors) features more civilizations and new units (military personal / technologies). This game makes for a great alternative to masturbation, or can serve as a "timetaker" while your downloads complete.
John: I went to Disney World over break!!!
Dan: I Age of Empires 'd Morpheus and then splurged my spooze all over the place!!!
by Aliii April 19, 2006
qat-tastic means something is super duper great. its technically a shorter version for super duper great and it is used by many.
you are so qat-tastic

your shirt is qat-tastic
by aliii February 23, 2014
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