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1)A common slang term used to define oxycontin, a prescription sustained-release opioid-analgesic marketed by Purdue Pharma. It is comprised of the active ingredient oxycodone, and an inert filler. Available dosages range from 10-80mg. 160mg pills used to be available but were pulled from the market. It does not contain acetaminophen as Percocet, Endocet do. This makes it particularly desirable to those who wish to use it for 'off-label' purposes.
~"Hey man, I just scored some hillbilly heroin from Dave!"
~"Sweet dude, lets get fucked up!"
by Alien probe-meat May 13, 2006
If you enjoy cannabis, this has to be one of the best places to grab a tasty snack to satisfy the munchies.

Being a sub jockey at quiznos has to be among the top-ten jobs to have if you smoke; right up there with musician or entrepreneur. Especially if noone ever comes into the store and the boss is rarely, if ever, present.
If you have eaten at a quiznos on Route 40 in howard county there is a high probability that your sub was made by one who enjoys to toke the smoke.
by Alien probe-meat May 13, 2006
To get lit, baby!

Hop in the van and we'll toke the smoke before the show.
by Alien probe-meat May 13, 2006

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