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An ultimate suscriber or a person who suscribes to just about every cretain thing.

Also can be used as Uber Suscribe or Uber Suscribes.
That dude is a magazine Uber Suscriber!
by Alien Ant March 16, 2009
To take off earphones from its jack instead its earphones.
Person 1: Dude, someone glued these earphones to my head!

Person 2: Just unjack it!
by Alien Ant March 16, 2009
A nice girl who turns rotten or into someone rude.
Person 1: She looks friendly.
Person 2: No dude, she's Tainted Honey.
by Alien Ant March 16, 2009
A type of slang term for saying "top that"
Person 1: Whoa he just did a triple backflip!

Person 2: Top It!
by Alien Ant March 16, 2009
A skateboarder who either doesn't have any grip on their griptape, shoes, wheels, etc.
That gripless skater is sliding all over the place.
by Alien Ant March 16, 2009
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