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A porn star from the late 1970's. Coined the term "Poot and shoot" for the rather smelly type of pornography he was involved in.
"Hey dawg, last night I was with this girl and I pulled a Jason Landrie all over her face"


"She smelled of a Jason Landrie"
by Alicia Zizzo April 24, 2006
A place a male goes to when the sex is so good and he's about to ejaculate. A land full of steamy ejaculate. Is said to be a mythical land but others disagree and believe this place exists!
Nigga, the sex last night was SO good I partied all night in jizzamatropolis.


Hey boo, you wanna go with me to Jizzamatropolis?
by Alicia Zizzo May 10, 2006

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