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city in manchester new hampshire where there are an endless supply of wanna-be's, white guys trying to be black and "normal" people selling drugs under the table to get by. Typical day involves a trip to the mall, movies or walmart. the only place open after 2am is....the 24 hour brooks, walgreens or walmart
"what do you want to do? "
"lets cruise elm street, maybe hit one of the 4 18+ clubs."
by alicia May 07, 2005
The act of Baconing it up.
I delted Moon good.
by Alicia May 01, 2004
A singer for the group No Doubt. She is know for her unique style and great voice
Gwen Stefani is in a band? I always thought she a solo artist
by Alicia July 01, 2003
went with jennifer lopez
by Alicia April 01, 2003
wow, oh my god, or what the hell
"Maha! I can't believe you beat me!" said Lily as she threw down the chess piece.
by Alicia January 07, 2004
bloody azz nicca get shot up in ma hood ... blood might drip red ... but all ya tomato headz crip in tha inside cuz bk4 that so call "bklood hit tha air itz bklue.
only show dat crip city luv cuz all day
we only kit kaccin scooby snaccin cuz
shout outs 2:rollin 60'z n-hoodIII bklue diamondz and much more
by Alicia December 20, 2004
weed.mary j. pot. joint
give me some juju now!!
by alicia January 24, 2005

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