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59 definitions by Alicia

a person wit AIDS
Contriz got that die-slow!
by Alicia July 04, 2003
Leathermouth is a rock/punk/hardcore band based out of New Jersey. The band members consist of Frank Iero(lead vocals), Steve(drums), Andrew(bass), Bobbie(guitar), and Vincent(guitar). They are signed to Skeleton Crew Records.
You should listen to Leathermouth cause they fucking rock.
by Alicia June 30, 2007
Something that Britney Spears is commonly called by someone who doesn't like her
Does anyone like Bitchney?
by Alicia July 13, 2003
Derived from the spanish word 'muchacha', meaning 'girl'. Chacha is the slang word for girl.
Hey chacha, you look damn good!
by Alicia August 03, 2003
A piercing in the penis.
Wow I never knew Besty had a polang!!
by Alicia March 30, 2005
a person who makes dykin obvious in all ways shapes or forms
Britney was flashing her rainbow and kissing her butch at the dance like a total dykedelic
by alicia December 05, 2003
all jelly bracelets are to me is a fashion statment.All the people at my school try to make a big deal out of it but it isnt. some people who put the fake definitions on here are sick. who's gonna kill someone fir breaking a braclet? thats so retarded.oh yeah im gonna kill or do what ever you want because yuo broke my braclet. uf someone broke one of mine i wouldn't do anything except beat their @$$.Then make them buy me new ones.My parents dont care if i wear them. i feel uncomefortable if im notn wearing them. my wrists feel naked.
at school.Hey why do you wear them? Becouse im alowed to. god leave me alone.they keep repeating that over and over it gets tiring!Im ready 2 just kick their @$$'$!!!!!!!!!
by Alicia March 15, 2004