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59 definitions by Alicia

Better than MTV eventhough there both owned by the same company
At least Vh1 plays music videos and has no TRL
by Alicia July 01, 2003
173 58
A great song off of the new album by Blink 182 which is by far their best album!
I got to regret right now
I'm feeling this!
by alicia April 19, 2004
54 14
A term for rape because someone 'had it their way'.
That chick totally got burger king'd at a college party.
by Alicia October 02, 2004
76 39
Another word for the mans penis.
Damn boo, your cock is looking thick!
by Alicia April 01, 2003
69 35
one who sucks farts out of another persons asspipe
Saddam is a fucking fart sucker.
by Alicia December 31, 2004
44 18
The best band ever!!!! just had their new album catalyst come out a couple months ago and toured with green day. THE KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nfg is the best band ever.
by alicia December 19, 2004
110 85
The name of Britney Spears' shitty movie that flopped.
I feel sorry for the other girls in that movie, there carrers are shot to hell now
by Alicia July 01, 2003
74 50