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2 definitions by AliceW

When a male or female has pubic hair growing around their ass hole.

Usually in males flakes of shit can be found hanging from the hairs.

Can be spikey on the cheeks when shaved.
'Dude the chick i fucked last night had shit loadsa ass fluff!. I didnt know whether to fuck it or brush it!'
by AliceW January 04, 2009
7 6
1. Bits of crap that hang on the ass fluff around the a-hole. Often induce vomiting, when rimming someone with ass candy.

2. Candy for the ass. Like eye candy. A male that you wouldnt mind having in your ass.

3. A really nice bum!
'Shit, kevin had some manky ass candy in his fluff!! I was vomming for the rest of the arvie. I dont think i will be seeing him again, until he learns to use toilet roll.'

Person 1-'Now that is some nice piece of ASS'!!
Person2-'I'm not gonna lie to you, that is some lovely eye candy'!
Person 1-'and ass candy!'

Wow, that ass is nice! Its ass candy!!
by AliceW January 08, 2009
6 12