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A choad waffle is very similar to a twat waffle; in fact these two words are interchangeable. Usually you chose the one you think will be most offensive to the person you insulting. A choad waffle is what you call someone who is acting like a prick/ass/dick ect. To learn more about what a choad waffle see twat waffle.
"Your a fuckin choad waffle!"
by Alice Crowely January 07, 2009
An annoying scene girl who is freakishly tall. Usually stands somewhat like a child who has to pee very badly. Also Kias are very likely to have a septum piercing, which they will play with a lot. Giving the illusion that they always have they’re fingers up they’re nose. Kias may also be very skinny and in need of a sandwich.
"Did you see how that girl was standing?!"
"Yeah, she looked like a kia!"

"Whoa! Did you see that Kia?!"
by Alice Crowely January 07, 2009
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