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A website that contains words with unrealistic definitions given by the readers. Not recommended for study.
Vocab Homework:
Biology- The study of living things.
Earth- one of the many planets that equate around the sun.
Moon- "to pull your pants down and show your bare ass to unexpecting people."
(later) that day
Teacher: You're definition of moon looks like it came from an urban dictionary!
by Alianstr March 17, 2009
The look on your face after you took a ginormous poo.
You: "I just took a poo the size of an elephant. There was a shocking aftermath."
by Alianstr March 17, 2009
A common word shouted out in the ghetto, Then repeated by the people around you. Followed by "It's About that time!"
You in watts: "Soufadub!"
Bum in watts: "Soufadub!"
by Alianstr March 17, 2009
A term illiterate people use in place of anything. Can lead to you going to jail.
Suspected Criminal: "I dint do nothing!"
Police: "Thank God, we could have been here all night if you didn't fess up!"
by Alianstr March 17, 2009
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