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A suitable subject for Harry Potter slash fiction about a certain pair of Weasley brothers.
Fred/George = TWINCEST!!!
by Alianne September 14, 2003
the sale of crap CDs from the early 2000s that remind you how shitty your taste in music was then
"I tried to sell my So Solid Crew, More Fire Crew and Big Brovas albums at a garage sale for 50p, but no-one would buy them so I had to throw them in free with a box of out of date Maltesers."
by Alianne September 13, 2003
by Alianne September 14, 2003
Hillbilly pronunciation of Get.
by Alianne September 13, 2003
Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos, Amy Lee
by Alianne August 30, 2003
When you are hooked up to the soul-destroying electronic mainframe that encompasses the world and subliminally instructed to consume as much capitalist produce as possible before you take your last breath.
WHAT? Where the fuck did THAT definition come from?
by Alianne September 07, 2003
An approving word used to describe a sweet, inoffensive woman who wears fluffy pink sweaters and floral perfume. Usually a passive bimbo with the intellect of a sheep. Sleeps with a cuddly stuffed bunny. The ideal that most men want and most women aspire to: not to be confused with feminist.
"Surgically removed your brain? How very feminine of you."
by Alianne September 07, 2003

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