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Jasper Hale is the hottest male vampire in the whole Twilight saga (books and movie). He exceeds Edward in every category and he can come and bite me whenever he wants! He and his wife Alice Cullen are the only reason I Can sit through and read the torture that is Bella and Edward and the rest of the Twilight Saga. He is tall with Chin length honey Blond hair and Golden eyes. He used to have red eyes from where he drunk human blood when he was part of a new-born army controlled by his sire and former lover Maria, However that changed when he met Alice and chose to convert to a vegetarian vampire lifestyle for her. Jasper plays the whole redeeming soul, hot, brooding, bad boy image to the max and it would make a much interesting story to have Jasper and Alice the main characters of twilight instead of the boring and Loveless Bella and Edward.
“Team Jasper”

“Jasper Hale is by far the hottest man in Twilight”

“Edward? Jacob? Puftt! I’m all for Jasper.”

“I would rather fuck Jasper then Edward"
by AliJazz August 03, 2012

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