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A singer for disney whom had her vagina sowed as so she could never get impregnanted and disney would have to kill the poor kill before the kids found out
Disney producer: "were gonna need to sow Hilary duff 's vagina up though, if she gets knocked up were gonna have to kill her, an shes cute, i 'ont wanna do that.."
by AliG November 28, 2005
Person of black origin. A human who is said to have originated from Africa many generations ago.
Jamal is suck a fukin pobo.
by AliG October 08, 2003
A rare species of monkey-suit wearing WASP with a quickly retreating hairline. Currently displaced from his native habitat of Washington, D.C.for the mating season in Burlington, VT. Thursday? he's a bum. Walks everywhere but on occassion can be found on 2 wheels trying to rid himself of a budding "Buddah". Has bad luck with favorite baseball teams. Also goes by the name poodles.
"Who's the old guy with that hot curly-haired chic who just walked into the bar?"
" Oh, that's Chesley."
by AliG August 30, 2005

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