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Loyal fans of Christian Kane-musician & actor, who has created a cult following due to his kick ass music, strong acting in both movies and TV, his drop dead looks, & southern boy charm. He's known for being a fun, genuine, grateful, & humble guy in real life that only adds to his charm.

Christian (CK to Kaniacs) began acting in Fame LA but his role as Lindsey McDonald in Joss Whedon's hit series Angel began the true Kaniac phenomenon. He's starred in major motion pics such as Just Married, Secondhand Lions, & Hide just to name a few. His current role in TNT's Leverage as Eliot f*ckin' Spencer (The Hitter) has brought a whole new level of obsession and Kaniacs following has swelled to epic levels.

CK recently released an incredible EP with songs such as The House Rules & Whisky in Mind that shot to #1 on Amazon & #3 on ITunes TWO days after its release. EPIC onstage performances w/Steve Carlson have caused Kaniacs to drive hours away, fly cross-country, or half-way 'round the globe to see CK live.

A lot of Kaniacs say they don't normally like country music but they love every tune he's ever put out! Yeah - he's THAT good.

Also an influential force on Twitter CK tweeted for 'his people' to add John Schneider AKA Bo Duke causing John to gain 1000+ followers in the form of Kaniacs and Grifters (fans of Leverage) in only a few hours.

Kaniacs are in true force at his live shows & on his internet sites.

Kanaics aren't groupies - they are FANS.
Behold the power of fangirls, Grifters, and KANIACS!

Kaniacs are like a cult. Once you listen into Christian Kane's music, it's already too late - he's got you!

Once you go Kaniac, you never go back.

Christian Kane is the creator of Rule #7! And Kaniacs play by his rules!!
by Ali07 April 29, 2010
Loyal fans of the TNT show Leverage from Dean Devlin, John Rogers and Chris Downey and starring Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane, Gina Bellman, Aldis Hodge, and Beth Riesgraf. Guest stars have included Mark Sheppard, Jeri Ryans, Griffin Dunne, Wil Wheaton, Apollo Robbins, Brent Spiner, and many others, plus John Schneider and Richard Chamberlin in upcoming Season 3 episodes.

The show is a high energy, well-written, edge of your seat thrill-ride with unique characters and witty dialog. And they blow shit up! It gets under your skin and Grifters go through DTs without it causing them to flood the fansites and social networking sites looking for fellow Grifters.

Twitter is a popular hot-spot for them to hang out because the stars and crew are generous with behind the scenes videos and pictures. Grifters live for those moments! Also there are fan pages for most of the stars that Grifters frequent!

The name Grifters was given to the fans at the first Leverage convention - CON-Con - in Portland, OR 2010 by Dean Devlin. CON-Con re-enforced the fan's beliefs that the cast and crew are as kick ass as they seem making the Grifters love them more.
~ Dean Devlin: The runner up for the winner is - Trekkies who screw. But the winner is determined by all the voting members of Electric Entertainment, which includes me and only me. We're gonna go with Grifters.

~ Tim Hutton to the Grifters: Let’s go steal us a convention!

~ Behold the power of fangirls, Grifters, and KANIACS!
by Ali07 May 01, 2010
Obsessive fans of Christian Kane
The Kaniacs are like a cult - once you get into his music Kane's got you!
by Ali07 April 27, 2010

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