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3 definitions by Ali the Punk

Best fucking band in the world. I love it to death. They properly kick ass.
:Dude, what u litening to?
:Dude: sum punk band
:Dude:Alkaline trio
:dude they kick ass
:Dude: i know
by Ali the Punk November 11, 2004
53 17
To explode something with such force that pieces are flung randomly around the room.
:-man, i just blatted that guy with my flak cannon, look at the gib

;Jesus look at the gib i just got from that nade
by Ali the Punk November 11, 2004
62 36
a Freaky free spliff smoked by whom it is given to.
Dude, u want sum on this biff?
here yar
:wow cheers for the fruity zuz it completely owned me, freaky (collapses)
by ali the punk March 15, 2005
1 1