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Chat room trolls who, despite the fact that they are in english speaking forums, insist on using the japanese names of everything. Frequently found in anime forums, claiming that the true and ONLY name of Full Metal Alchemist is actually Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, for example, even though it is quite the mouthful for non japanese speakers.
Nihongo Nazi: WTF noob, it's Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, not FMA. Baka! You just called Kaubôi bibappu, cowboy bebop... man what a lamer.
Reader: What a nihongo nazi.
by Ali teh P March 01, 2007
When a guy blows off his male friends to be with a girl. It breaks the unwritten law of "bros before hoes" so a guy can get with a girl.
Fred: Johnny, why didn't you come play basketball today?
Johnny: Was shoe shopping with Sarah, I'm so in there.
Fred: Dude, wake up, you're totally thinking with your cock.
by Ali teh P June 05, 2007
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