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When you try to jerk off but are unable to reach orgasam for whatever reason, causeing you to jerk off for what seems to be an eternity yet is only 26.2 minutes
Dude, I went for a quick wank and that shit turned out to be a masterbathon.
by Ali T May 14, 2003
(Noun) A whore that craves the cock. She loves to rub it, suck it, and feel it in her. Also loves the feel of your jizz on her bare skin.
Dude, look at that rare corn fed cum guzzeling, dumpster diving North Easter NC variety of the cock monster. She loves the wang.
by Ali T April 08, 2003
A slang word for the male penis. Usally spoken with a northen accent.
That whore put on her stiletto boots and walked all over my cawk.
by Ali T April 18, 2003
Once a woman has sampled the Wang once in a few instances she can become a cock whore, meaning that she will go fourth and touch, feel, and taste as much cock as she humanly can. In a few rare documented cases she will turn into a cock monster. If curious please look up that definition for further info.
Ashely is quite the little cock whore, and is well on the path to becomeing a cock monster.
by Ali T May 14, 2003
Can be used to define a number of things. Usally when you are drinking get all fucked up, vomit, and begin to drik again. However it can be used to describe any event that made you puke and you then resumed with even more gusto than before
I was soo drunk then I made a puke and rally and got even more wasted.
by Ali T April 21, 2003
When you jerk off into a condom filling it with your man chowder, making it similar to a water ballon, except it is sans water.
I made a cum balloon and dropped it off of the roof of my house striking the mailman on his gay ass hat.
by Ali T May 14, 2003
A slang term for ambulance
Yeah, we threw his ass in the back of the buss and hauled ass to the Hospital
by Ali T April 27, 2003

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