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used 2 agree, show interest, show disinterest, used instead of 'yeah', 'enit', 'right' 'ok' n jus bout nefin.
kirst: im goin shoppin tomorrow with leanne
sarah: tru

laura: he's well fit
chantelle: tru
by ali p April 15, 2005
knob rott basicaly
wanna make love?
sorry, my dick has rotted off
by Ali P March 15, 2004
oldschool verson off Dickhead
A: ur such a fukin dickquad aint ya?
B: Stfu or i'll shoot my load...
by Ali P March 17, 2004
a tool used to smoke cannabis
A: Yo, pass us the chubb dude!
B: k
"bubble bubble"
A: Woa hit that shit!.........
by Ali P March 15, 2004
meanin good. not like SanJ Street said before cos if you ask for a fag and they say they ent got none left and you say sound mate it sounds sarcastic as fuk.
beccy: i went to Scream last nite
scuz: yeh?
beccy: yeh it was wel sound!!
scuz: tru
by ali p April 15, 2005
someone who's making up a lie (in this case a blag) to hide something from someone, get something they want or even just to make conversation!!
sean: i blagged up gary yesterday to lend me his FIFA PS2 game

sandra (to linda): are you comin to my house tonight then?
linda: sorry i cant. i got work
bex: wat a blag!!
by ali p April 15, 2005
Tom Crankshaw
holy shit tankass u need to warn sum1 when relesing gas from the ass! man......
by Ali P March 17, 2004

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