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After a group partakes in the consumption of marjiuana, the first one to make a 'high mistake' is therein dubbed a "High Asshole". It also may be refered to as "High Asshole of the Day", in which case a reward or trophy may be given, either physical or through the act of a 'high-five'.

There is no limit to the number of "High Asshole"s a group may have, it's just not funny when there's more than one. The group member dubbed a "High Asshole" may change depending upon who makes the worst 'high mistake'. A 'high mistake' is anything a typical clumsy high kid will do such as forget something or drive like an idiot.

Once someone is dubbed a "High Asshole", they are only named so until everyone in the group is sober, or until someone else in the group makes a worse 'high mistake'.
OH great.. High Asshole of the DAY over here.
by Ali Meeli December 16, 2010

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