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5 definitions by Ali JTB

A cheeseburger to follow the main meal from any fast food outlet, because the meal in itself is not enough.
"I'll have a large Big Mac meal please followed by a cheeseburger chaser".
by Ali JTB September 09, 2005
11 2
A term used to signify the return of 24, featuring the legend that is Jack Bauer.
Person 1 : "Are you excited about the start of season 5 tonight?"

Person 2 : "Oooooh yeah, Jack's back baby, Jack's back..."
by Ali JTB October 11, 2005
2 0
When you do something behind everyone's back without anyone finding out.
Person One : "Did I ever tell you that I slept with that swamp-donkey six months ago after their house party?"

Person Two : "NO YOU DID NOT! I cannot believe that you could pull a shifty like that with me, I thought we were best friends."
by Ali JTB October 11, 2005
5 3
i. When you are not sure if you will be able to do something or not.

ii. Something that could be a bit edgey.
i. Person 1 : "Hey are you coming out to get lashed tonight?"

Person 2 : "Hmmm, its going to have to be an amber light for me at the moment, I have lots of work to do and a presentation to prepare for tomorrow."

ii. Person 1 : "Man alive, how hot is that girl?"

Person 2 : "She's getting an amber light from me at the moment, she could be a bush pig but is too far away to tell."
by Ali JTB October 11, 2005
6 7
i. To be "edgey" about something, i.e. To be aware of it.

ii. "Edgey" i.e. Watch out, something is about to happen.

iii. To keep an "edgey" is to keep a lookout.
i. "Edgey the free cheeseburger"

ii. "Edgey the swamp donkey coming your way"

iii. "Edgey Mr Mair, edgey the jannie".
by Ali JTB July 22, 2005
21 31