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A pop/indie/rock band; the greatest band that has ever existed, and ever will exist. They are worshiped as gods by millions of people.
I love the Format; they're even better than the Beatles.
by Ali :) September 24, 2007
the most amazing ice cream in the world. it's really dark in there, but you don't care, because you just want your hard vanilla in a wafer cone, or one of their 23908093 other flavors. you love that the water is free. you like their little trash cans that look like they belong under a cow's udder. speaking of cows, they line the walls, along with anything to do with dairy. and spoons. you always see someone you know in there, because you can't really go a week without being in heaven.
i went to halo pub today and i had an orgasm while eating my ice cream.
by Ali :) March 22, 2008

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