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Sexy/hot/getting fucked up
by Ali October 14, 2003
Making a round of drug deals.
Hey man, I'll brb, I gotta hit up some stangs
by Ali February 24, 2005
Abbreviated form of Dry Bummed. Literally describes anal sex with no lubrication. Also used to explain the severity of an unfavourable event in the past, present or future.
I got absolutely DB'ed by the boss last night for attacking that customer with a loaf of Kingsmill.
by Ali October 25, 2004
1. Referring to Dr. Robert J. Tatz, the lab coordinator of the Ohio State Chemistry Department.

2. Male breasts, also a characteristic of RJ Tatz.
To get rid of your tatz, you need to start by cutting down on the beer.
by ali February 21, 2005
huge mullet
you have a huge lenko
by ali February 23, 2003
noun--a person who splits their pants at a party and then comes back wearing their best friend's pants.
Where did Tyler go? Oh, he's a crack pants. Oh, what a wank.
by Ali May 26, 2004
how ever you spell it
ur such a hipocrt or heusi
by Ali May 08, 2004

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