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She's the Suga Mama Shemama of Melvindale! Whoop Whoop '05
Shema runs our school like a mo'fo
by Ali March 12, 2005
the guy who his mama will beat if he's caught with a gurl
yaser where have you been..i saw you with that girl..your grounded for 2 month and no playing with yourself!
by ali August 29, 2003
One of the best underground DJ's coming from Houston, his group is the Wreckin' Yard
That nigga OG Ron C just brought the beat back!
by Ali February 24, 2005
A squaddy matress is a girl who's slept with more than 5 members of our lovely armed forces. General slag, scally and chav.
"That Laura is a right squaddy matress she's shagged 17 of them!"
by ali December 08, 2004
getting some.
Did you get any from Sara last night?
by Ali November 02, 2003
An absoutly horrid singer who lost American Idol and looks like a flounder (his eyes are crooked)
Hey! My fish looks like Clay Aiken!
by Ali March 18, 2005
A loose gathering of geeks, nerds and gamers from across the globe, brought together through their passion for muffins, mad skills and the fleeting hope that Ali will one day finish his comic strip.
Where the Ebolters went, they left naught but devastation. All they saw, they consumed.

One of them even ate my cat.
by Ali February 24, 2004

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