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107 definitions by Ali

The act of smiling, as if posing for a picture
She started cheesin' when the boy she liked gave her a compliment.
by Ali December 08, 2003
the way ali g spells respect
r-e-s-t-e-c-p, do u even know what that spells?!
by ali March 04, 2004
1. Someone who screws another object or person.
2. A bad person.
1. That fucker slept with Donna last night.
2. That waiter is such a fucker, he spilled water all over me.
by Ali March 17, 2004
Pejorative term for South Americans. Not something you would say to someone's face.
The Spaniard told the Argentine, "Callate sudaca gil!"
by Ali June 18, 2006
Unearth are a brutally heavy Metalcore band who, despite their agressive double bass drum assaults and screaming vocals, have a superb sense of melody - that underpins most of their tracks. I heard of them when they released their album 'The Oncoming Storm' and they are a seriously kick ass band!!
-Unearth Fucking rules, man
-True dude, they need to haul their asses over to England a bit more often tho
by Ali February 01, 2005
The sexiest gay man alive, who's also on the hit series Queer as Folk.
Randy Harrison fucked Gale Harold all night.
by Ali February 10, 2005
a superior group of people who are korean who are the shit who are the bomb who like kimchi and who like to get drunk
dude, ali choi is hott
by Ali October 10, 2004