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1 definition by Ali, the greatest!

The dumbest person anyone could ever meet!

A hy·po·chon·dri·ac

1. somebody with imaginary illness: somebody who is unduly preoccupied with personal health and believes that illness is nearly always present or imminent

Afraid of confrontation!

Biggest liar in the universe!

Face full of zits she claims are cancer!

Sits at home playing with herself all day long
always on a diet but always in the drive thru getting fast food!

always butts into someone else conversations
very un·couth
1. ill-mannered: behaving in an ill-mannered or unrefined way
I wonder if I pretend to be sick today will Jenni have my symptoms tomorrow?

I am so glad my parents didn't name me Jenni!

I am so glad I am not related to Jenni!
Uncouth: Hey, you owe me money!
by Ali, the greatest! June 13, 2011