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A label for those usually on the "Right Wing" of American politics. Though usually given a negative rap by other parties who look to justify their own ideals, the Republican Party and it's member tend to (but not always) believe in the following:

Pro - Life
Less Government
Second Amendment Rights (guns)
Immigration Reforms
Tax Reforms

A good deal of Republicans (though perhaps not the majority) would include Faith on that list.

Republicans tend to bristling with pride about being American, but would rather go about their pride with respect to others (much unlike anti-Republicans portray), and are the largest party in most of the Southern (which used to be entirely Democratic) and Western U.S. Those in the North tend to lean towards the other large party; the Democrats. However, many Republicans in the North hold high positions as people tend to trust the "Saftey" that comes with having a Republican leader due to the image that Republicans are tougher on crime, and better fighting terror.

Lastly, it is key to understand that many opposing parties and groups fight aganist Republican (and sometimes, but not always Conservative) ideas through the methods of SLANDER. Republicans are not racist, elistest, war-loving, or greedy. Any Person has the ability to house any of those characteristics, including Republicans of course.

You would be suprised at all Republicans have done throughout history, from ending slavery, to breaking down communism, to bringing peace after World Wars and creating living standards for people in the US.

A list of Famous Republicans can be found at Wikipedia under: famous Republicans
Joe: Holy shit, its a fucken Republican
Jane: Actually, I'm just a Republican because of their position on "Family Values". I don't support gay marriage for example.
Joe: Oh.
by Ali!!! March 02, 2006

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