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Eating so much sodium-laden fast food late at night that you don't recognize yourself in the mirror the next morning.
"Damn. Did you see old gal today? Her face was so blown up I couldn't even recognize her. She must have Super Sized at McDonald's last night."

"Help. Someone. Let me out of here. I am stuck inside this face prison and I can't get out!"
by Alfsonso March 17, 2010
Accumulation of sweaty, stinky "man funk" in male groin area after a long day in hot clothing.
"Oh man. I didn't know it was gonna get so hot outside today when I put on them long pants to golf in. When I slipped 'em off I had some nasty Man Gravy brewin' in my drawers"

"Old gal went down to take care of my business but when she caught a whiff of my Man Gray she bailed"
by Alfsonso March 17, 2010
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