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Just like Harry Potter, exept not gay. Hairy Pot Head and the Sorcerors Bone, Hairy Pothead and the Prisoner of Ass Band Camp, and so on all the way tp Hairy Pot Head and the Oreder of Stoners.

Guy#1-Have u read Haryy Potter-
Me-no im not gay. i read Hairy Pothead. (doushe)
by Alfredo Martinez April 23, 2006
Sometime around the late 70's, to late 80's a lot of small gangs in LA came together. They called themselves the crips and strated ttaking out other sall gnags, they were preactically ustopable until most of the remaining gangs formed into the Bloodz,(founded by Sylvester Scott and Vincent Owens) they chose eveything oppesite to the crips( founded by Raymond C. Washington and Tookie Williams). West Side= East Side blue=red...and so on. they are outnumbered by crips but more than make for it by being more violent.
a typical story of Bloods and Crips :my boys was driving down the street and saw a car full of krabs(crips)they falshed their sign and then shots got fired. they sped off, no one was hurt, but some of my freinds (bloodz) got arrested.(true story)
by Alfredo Martinez April 25, 2006

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