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Reddies = Money

A reward from something good you have created!!!
In conversation you would say
"that'll get me the 'reddies'!"
refering to something like a
shit hot piece of design which will get
you the reddies...etc
by Alfie_G October 06, 2005
to find a little jemba jemba, a bargain, something you were sought after
to find a product or something that you were after ie: a bargain or especially a CD which gives maximum satisfaction and little money when purchased!!! or maybe a little 'jemba jemba of a website'
by Alfie_G October 06, 2005
Creamy Cream Creamed = Get fucked, smashed out of your head, getting pissed... Absolutely creamed...!
I'm gonna get absolutely fuckin creamy cream creamed...
by Alfie_G October 07, 2005
As in Klon'dyke' = Which means a lesbian shorthand!
She's an f'in klondyke if any you've ever seen one
by Alfie_G October 07, 2005
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