25 definitions by Alf

2 grams of marijuana for $30. two-for-thirty
hey, wanna' sell me a twofor? i'll smoke you out!
by alf December 19, 2003
the septic tank truck
Here comes the shittercritter, plug yo nose.
by Alf October 07, 2003
the act of crying in an attempt to get ones own way or to achieve sympathetic approval from a superior
hes stratting again.
he got the job by stratting.
by alf May 14, 2003
blow job...................à
"So can she goggle the rooster?"
by ALF December 21, 2004
Ugly judas scum.Someone with no morals who will stab you in the back for an extra couple of quid.Someone who forgets to take a drugs test.
by alf November 03, 2003
a pussy white person who protest war
fuck those protesters, they should go to hell.
by alf May 03, 2003
the GREATEST Rock'n roll band EVER, hailing from Stjørdal, Norway
I love Cheese helmet, like in I love ___
by Alf August 12, 2003

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