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A "Diabetes Card" is the title given to an excuse in which someone cites diabetes as the reason.
Diabetes Card #1

Teacher: Why havn't you done your homework?
Child: Aw sorry miss, im diabetic
Teacher: Ah okay


Teacher: Okay you failed your NAB for the 3rd time...
Child: Sorry miss, im diabetic
Teacher: Ah okay, i'll get you a re-re-re-resit
by Alexxxio March 09, 2010
The act of doing a jobby on a male/female's body and mixing jizz into it sso that it closely resembles the popular chocolate and marshmallow biscuit
Man One: Hmm, darling your face smells funny

Woman: Aw shit, i never should have let that guy teacake me last night :/
by Alexxxio March 21, 2010

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