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it means gay in vietnammese..
u be de...
by Alexia June 11, 2004
n. Children, kids.
You're thinking about having some chitlins?
by Alexia August 09, 2003
see also crackfuck
A person that has sex with someone else's spouse.
Crystal Micek of Omaha, NE is a sleazy crackerfuck.
by Alexia February 07, 2005
Macking while rolling in a caddilac!
Why you mackalackin knowing you can't get with this!
by Alexia October 20, 2003
I define a crackfuck as a crackhead that sleeps with your husband.
While Alexia and Jon were working out their marriage difficulty, the local crackfuck, Crystal, tried stealing him by screwing him.
by Alexia January 31, 2005
A fat mole who teachers students at high school and eats KFC in class. Wears frumpy clothes, dark sunglasses and bad makeup. Mrs Simione is also very lazy... and fat.. Gets made jokes of by many students..
Gee that Mrs Simione is a fat mole! Look! She's eating KFC in class again!! *hurls*
by Alexia April 12, 2005
Ragnarok Online Job Class, see nerfed
I messed up this MMORPG character so bad, it's as crappy as a Ragnarok Online assassin
by Alexia March 27, 2005

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