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53 definitions by Alexi

real fucken skinny, used to describe things that are real skinny
that chick/dude is fucken heckinbore
by alexi April 05, 2005
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A pet at the site www.venetopia.com

It looks like a small serpent with weird looking wings.
The Flamoro looks odd.
by Alexi November 06, 2003
1 5
A person's IM known as Mike who harasses his penis to screaming at me for saying he deserved to get frozen.
I only said that because he used me!
by Alexi October 30, 2003
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What I like to call Ultragoku2002backup on GameFAQs. He's a silly boy. You can see him on the Neopets Boards there.
He's also known as Mr Green, Allyson Hannigan, and ultimatekilla.
by Alexi October 27, 2003
2 6
A neopet on the site called neopets.com
A jetsam is a shark-like neopet.
by Alexi August 02, 2003
10 14
A certain part of the body that a deer has, that is used for meat.
Karen shot the deer, and later on, cooked and ate the venison that came from it.
by Alexi August 31, 2003
20 26
Another porno game for the Atari 2600 made by PlayAround in which you play as a naked man who hangs from a helicopter. There is a woman you must save by having her grab onto your penis with her mouth.
Burning Desire was made by PlayAround, also known as Mystique.
by Alexi August 28, 2003
6 13