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It means "Do you speak" in the French language.
Person 1: Parlez vous Francais?
Person 2: Oui. (oui means yes)
by Alexi November 11, 2003
Neopoints is the currency of the virtual pet game called, "Neopets". Otherwise known as NP for short.
I spent all my neopoints buying grooming items for my Draik.
by Alexi August 03, 2003
The name of the episode of Pokemon in Japan that caused people to get seizures.
Electric Soldier Porygon's part that caused seizures was the flashing lights.
by Alexi September 03, 2003
One of many Neopets on the site, www.neopets.com
by Alexi August 01, 2003
Ninten is the star of the NES game, Mother. Here in America, it's called EarthBound Zero.
Ninten's dog walks on two legs.
by Alexi August 08, 2003
see virtual boy. You can only see red and black in those things.
The Worst System Ever Made has to be the Virtual Boy, seeing as it was a disgrace to the Nintendo name.
by Alexi November 14, 2003
Short for Blue Eyes White Dragon
My BEWD can grill your Dark Magician any day!
by Alexi October 15, 2003

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