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A 3d chat program that should only be used by people with fast internet and a good processor. Users can interact with one another virtually with everything from hugs and kisses to pokes in the eye.

Users can also buy virtual clothes and rooms/houses for their avatars (avi for short). While the credits to buy clothes are for sale, most users find it easy to survive without actually having to buy anything via Free Spin, Browsing the New Products Page, Inviting Friends, and joining MetaRL.

It's a fun 3d chat program, but also quite hilarious/annoying with the people that take it too realistically, and those credit whores.
Imvu guy: Hey baby? You single?
Me: *cringes in real life* Yes....
Imvu guy: You wanna go out?
Me: No.
Imvu guy: Why not?
Me: Because you live in Australia and I live in Ohio?
Imvu guy: Come lay in the bed with me, sexy.
Me: I'm gonna go now. *Clicks x*

Person: How long you been on IMVU?
Me: Couple years.
Person: Oh, I've only been on here a month. I want some new shows. I only need 10 more credits to get them.
Me: Cool.
Person: Yea. Onlllyyy need 10 more credits to get them.
Me: Yea, I get that.
Person: Just 10.
Me: Yea....I...know?
Person: I wish someone would give me 10 credits.
Me: Don't we all wish someone would give us 10 credits?
Person: Why won't you give me some damn credits!?
Me: WHAT THE HELL! *virtually punches in the gut and leaves*

Person: Hi, my name's John.
me: Nice avi.
Person: Thanks. Where ya from?
me: USA.
Person: UK for me.
--Normal conversation w/o relationship invidtes and credit whoring follows-

by Alexesc November 28, 2008

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