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Jaffy is a name derived from the ancient Palestinian port city of Jaffa located seaward of Tel-Aviv the largest city in Israel. Japho (Jaffo translated in Greek) is also in reference to this ancient city.

As well as a geographical military stronghold, Jaffy and Jaffo were used to describe a person with a fearless rhythmic yet warrior-like demeanor. One who naturally trancends the boundary between fluidness and rigidness. Although dominated by politics of the region since biblical times, the city of Jaffa signifies strength, perserverence, and reverence for the origins of civilization in both the East and West. I wish I was named Jaffy.
"I feel like King Solomon looking out over the sea on the walls of Jaffa"

"Lets go to Jaffa after we check out the holy temples in Jurusalem and Tel Aviv"

"Jaffo can't be stopped in the sparring arena, he moves like a dancer with the strength of a Lion"

"I'm sure glad Jaffy's here, I feel safe now"
by Alexandro Sicily December 02, 2013
An Italian name meaning "Little Man" used to describe a low level mafia member with little respect. A low-level thug for the Italian mafia.
"Picciotto, go pay those guys a little visit, cook me dinner and shine my shoes when you get back."
"This Picciotto is really losing his temper, lets send him to get some milk."
by Alexandro Sicily December 17, 2013
Can be used to describe a person named after the biblical war torn city of Jaffa.

Men from Jaffa were called Jaffy's, Jaffo's, or Jaffer's because they were born into war and naturally excelled at combat.
Watching these Jaffies work out is like watching a spartan training regimen. They're so warrior-like and good-looking they make the other men look like suburban schoolboys.
by Alexandro Sicily October 03, 2014

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