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Hormone Replacement Therapy

A procedure in which the body's natural hormones are replaced or boosted by medical means, such as pills or injections.

Often used during the transition period for a transsexual.
"She's finally on her way to starting HRT, after coming out to her family, settling things with insurance, and getting the referral of a licensed therapist."
by Alexandria January 01, 2005
The sex you are born with, based on your sexual organs alone. A child born with a penis has a male birth sex, a child born with a vagina has a female birth sex, and a child born with some form of combination or lack of the two has an intersex birth sex.

Generally used for those who in some way work against their birth sex, especially in the transgender community.
"His birth sex is female, but because he is a transsexual and has transitioned, he is now in every way male."

"Just because her birth sex says she's male doesn't mean she actually is a guy."
by Alexandria January 01, 2005
The term used to describe a transsexual's journey from appearing like their birth sex to their actual gender. Often includes HRT and surgery of some kind.
Transitioning can be very painful, but in the long run it's worth it to just be yourself.
by Alexandria January 01, 2005
1.) Shit or oh crap.

2.) Also could describe some thing.
1.) Aww schnit I forgot my dildo.
2.) Look at that schnit.
by alexandria August 26, 2004
(ninja doesn't know what the fuck they'er talking about because sum 41 is the best band ever.
by alexandria June 30, 2003

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