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the female version of a bro
Did you see her foam block sandals and black and blonde paneled hair? Yeah, definitely a brosephine.
by Alexandra Thomas February 03, 2006
A follower/supporter/promoter of Beatnik culture, particularly, artist, novelist and poet Jack Kerouac.

Also- one who partakes in extensive outdoor adventures not knowing where he will end up or how/if she will return to the point of origin. Additionally, getting stoked on life and the unknown.
Being the Kerouactivist that she is, Henrietta decided to take off on a journey bringing nothing but cans of baked beans and her tattered copy of The Dharma Bums.
by Alexandra Thomas January 31, 2006
a genre of music pertaining to musicians who implement multimedia ranging from sitcom dialogue to bootleg material as well as found sounds and outside elements in their craft with the intention of shocking and even disturbing the listener.

You: Pshh who says they listen to "neo-dada"? You musical elitist!
Me: I wouldn't say I am a musical elitist, I just prefer decontextualized postmodern sass as opposed to your selection of mainstream "artists".
by Alexandra Thomas February 02, 2006
noun. a pogs enthusiast
It was only fitting that I started what has come to be the largest pog group on myspace- I am, afterall, quite the pogian.
by Alexandra Thomas June 29, 2006
adj- (pronounced pro-tenis) rich in protein
I had a very protenous dinner consisting of: grilled chicken, cottage cheese and edamame.
by Alexandra Thomas February 01, 2006
a slops. sometimes with dumps like a truck...
I saw that heestro later that night with dicks all up in her ass- total slopticopter.
by Alexandra Thomas April 16, 2007
high by 12 noon, hammered by 12 am.
To live one's life by this principle or merely a suggestion for the daily activities.
I live by the H by 12 Principle!..


"hey, why dont we h by 12 tomorrow..it's been a rough week"

also, Hx12
by Alexandra Thomas October 15, 2007

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