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Short for Ledyard Canoe Club or LCC, Ledyard is the kayak and canoe club at Dartmouth College. The club is student run with the help of alums and the college. Ledyard leads many different trips each year that involve kayaking flat and whitewater, canoeing and other forms of boating. The club also runs a business that rents kayaks and canoes to the public. Ledyard is also known for it's formals and feeds which are part of the Ledyard social scene. The hub of the club is its clubhouse located near the river.
The best part of being at Dartmouth is that through Ledyard I get to go whitewater kayaking with awesome peeps.
by Alexander Toth April 22, 2007
A person involved with the Ledyard Canoe Club at Dartmouth college. Often times an avid whitewater kayaker. Usually found hanging out with other ledyardites who routinely take part in ledyardcest or hooking up with numerous fellow ledyardites while consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Not to be confused with pothead crunchies or climber losers from CnT and DMC.
Mike is a true ledyardite, he goes kayaking all the time and has hooked up with everyone.
by Alexander Toth April 22, 2007

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