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A self free form expression to undermine underline and possibly confuse anyone or anything that tries to understand its meaning, such as a sort of off hand oink from a pig misconstrued and heard as ERNH loudly and obnoxiously, But ernh can mean any word in the world kind of like the freaking smurfs...
Guy: "ERNH"
Other guy: "Dude whats wrong with your face, your eyes are crossed"
:Guy walking into wall spinning in circles:
Guy: "ERNH" he pulls out a gun
Other guy: "HOLY CRAP!!!!"
:Guy puts gun in a sandwich and eats it with his eyes spread far apart like this 0= - =0:
Guy: "Yuh guys yuh ERNH!"
:Guy takes a bite from the sandwich and shoots other guy in the foot:
Other guy: "Ohhhh I get it, your an ernh"
by Alexander Thunderbird October 11, 2013
A gamer who creates false secondary accounts for means as to cheat or lag switch, also to erase these prepaid carded accounts only to troll or be annoying, mainly found on many shooter games like halo or call of duty, designated by their really low Gamerscore and the illegitimate "Pro" tag that accompanies their general doucheyness
Guy beats you in a match and trolls and talks crap
Whole match your lagging all over the place

You check his tag to report him for cheating
And bam, 0 Gamerscore, Pro, And silver account
He's a Eraser Gamer, Also clarified as an Ernh
by Alexander Thunderbird October 11, 2013
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