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7 definitions by Alexander Pierce

The inbred monkey spawn of a nigger. Niggers are royal rectum ripping rapists. They are wandering goober nut suck fakers who fuck everything that exists. Their only concern is for the pleasurable placement of their penile piss weasel. Nigglets are exactly the same as their crack addicted counterparts except they are smaller and lack the monstrous mushroom headed meat popsicle between their legs which the full grown niggers use to vandalize virgins with vinerial viruses and vindicate their vendetta against all cultural progress whatsoever.
That subhuman Nigglet just goat fucked my whole household and he is only 13. Im going to bust my cock out and bitch slap his little monkey ass until he picks enuf cotton to make shirts for every little naked slanty eyed automathlete in the whole of chink land.
by Alexander Pierce January 05, 2008
Reference to the penis of a non-virgin who is uncircumsized.
Also can be used as a reference to a normal penis which has come into contact with a dirty vagina.
"Michael has a rumpled fore skin after getting head from that dirty hoe"

"dude Michael just got his foreskin rumpled by that nasty cunt"
by Alexander Pierce October 13, 2007
Derivative of the word Fupa. Commonly used when in the presence of someone who has a Fupa. Foopsies is used primarily when someone possessing a fupa proves how fat they are by a clumsy or irritating act. A person could then use the word foopsies as an interjection.
"Foopsies, Lisa just shat on me deek"

"Lisa just had a major foopsies when she slipped on some ice"
by Alexander Pierce October 13, 2007
You have Shatonmedeek when you take your penis out someone's ass

can also be referred to getting nasty shmagma on your big D from boning a dirty suck fucking rat dick
Did you hear about when Jordan, that bohana, half breed niglet monkey invaded Rachel's shit hole with his rumpled fore skin? he totally got shatonmedeek when he pulled his monster gorilla dick out of her pooper.
by Alexander Pierce January 04, 2008
A serpent from ancient mythology. Jormungand was supposedly so long that it had no end. Hence, I named my penis after this facinating creature.
would you like to meet my jormungand?
by Alexander Pierce March 27, 2008
When you hold your shit in for so long that your body compacts it into the only known geological formation which can cut through a diamond. It is theorized that very center of the sun contains a small core of poop rock.
I once ate three square meals a day and yet did not take a crap for an entire week. That totals up to 21 meals without shitting. When I finally did, I excreted a perfect diamond. I have yet to attain a Poop Rock.
by Alexander Pierce December 21, 2008
when fem bots congregate in mutual menstruation. typical rituals include the careless flinging of vaginal secretions and stillborn fetuses in a disorderly manner. These women typically gather in a secluded and safe enviornment so as to not be detected by bears who are attracted to the menstruation.
fucking females feliciously engaging in a period party. they ned cock plugs in their troll holes.
by Alexander Pierce March 16, 2008