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The most hated company in the world according to hardcore gamers.

The company responsible for Farmville, Mafia Wars, Words with Friends, and a couple dozen knockoffs of more successful games. They make casual games on Facebook and cell phones centered around minimal skill, arbitrary wait times, excessive monetization, a flood of automated referrals spamming everybody's wall with requests to be somebody's neighbor, and their admitted use of scams and spyware.

Despite their games only being about as much fun as your screensaver at work and taking less effort to make than the average "10,000 Games on 1 CD!" shovelware, they tapped into the Pavlovian center of grandmothers the world over to the tune of billions of dollars in revenue and a nearly 20 billion dollar initial stock offering in 2011. They have since gone on a truly disastrous meltdown, with mass layoffs, executives bailing, their stock plummeting, insider trading and fraud accusations, and Electronic Arts suing them over plagiarism. Time will tell if they get buried like they deserve.
Mom, if you ever give another Zynga app permission, I swear I will unfriend you.
by Alexander Peregrine September 16, 2012
A hostile, violent, and shallow female character based around what a cynical male writer thinks is "female empowerment". Such characters usually dress in some kind of fetish outfit and beat up a succession of men that leer, make snide remarks, or attempt rape. Despite being "independent", their arcs inevitably include constant angst over how they're not like other women and men just don't understand them.
The film of Barb Wire involves a woman that dresses like a prostitute and drops a man to a death by gigantic explosion for calling her "babe". Strong independent woman!
by Alexander Peregrine August 22, 2012
Short for archetype.

An adjective used largely by writers when referring to plot and characterization elements that are less about realism and more about thematic and metaphorical resonance. Most references to the term are negative and refer to parts of a story that are cheesy, forced, or inconsistent (e.g. a character goes against their established personality just to include a refusal of the call).
Steve Rogers using a garbage can as a shield at the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger is such an arch bit of blunt foreshadowing.
by Alexander Peregrine August 12, 2012
Onomatopoeia for the word sci-fi as a derogatory label towards the softer forms of science fiction (i.e. space opera, science fantasy, Doctor Who, the Marvel/DC Comics universes, etc.). Most users of the word are purists that reject anything not grounded in some semblance of reality (or, failing that, fringe science).
The Sci-Fi Channel became total skiffy the moment they renamed to SyFy.
by Alexander Peregrine September 13, 2012

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