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the name for a person with a very flat chest. usually very offending to most girls who have no boobs.
A: ew. look at that tiffany girls myspace picture.
B: i know. no one wannts to see her in a bathing suit.
A: and shes pressing her arms together ro make it look like she has boobs.
A: she is so flatchested.
by Alexa H August 24, 2006
hair usually on, once again, male skaters and is shorter than your shoulders but longer than your ears. extremely popular right now and considered very hot on guys. sometimes straightened with a hair straightener or in other occasions shag hair is never brushed.
A: i wanna skater boyfriend.
B: why?
A: becuase most of them have shag hair.
B: whats shag hair?
A: hot sex in a can on top of a hot guys head.
by Alexa H August 23, 2006
jeans that are usually worn by male skaters. they are tight all the way down, especially at the shins and ankles and are like boyish versions of skinny jeans. similar to the 'girl jeans' worn by some emos, but not identical. VERY HOT on guys, but just freaky weird looking on girls.
JR: ew. have u noticed that ed wears girl jeans?


JR: *starts crying*

by Alexa H August 23, 2006

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