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4 definitions by AlexR

A time consuming pain in the ass that should be taken if you really are that curious about the world and why it is the way it is.
Holy shit, AP Biology is a bitch of a class. Oh well, I got an A second semester.
by AlexR April 21, 2005
339 128
Laid Baaaaaaaaaaack.
I have an A+ in AP US at UCHS.
by AlexR April 22, 2005
12 12
Kick ass water polo program, one of the best in Norcal (and the state for that matter). Buchanan's worst nightmare.
The Golden Eagles beat Bellermine in 2004, what now bitches!
by AlexR April 21, 2005
36 123
A really hot and intelligent Jew. A rarity these days.
Natalie Portman makes me want to convert to Judaism.
by AlexR April 21, 2005
98 1419