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A strange sinuous eel like creature, graphically and disturbingly retched up from a vocalists throat after churning out a particularly punishing bree or pig squeal. It proceeds to drop to the floor in a pool of viceral fluid and wriggles off into the darkness presumably surrounding the stage of a gig or cencert. Oily, black and slimey, breels are gruesome ot behold and are identified by their signature high pitched bree they emmit when aroused, threatened or hungry. Although the whole experience is quite traumatic, no harm comes to the vocalist if he/she belches it out quickly enough, otherwise choking may insue.
Vocalist: Roar roar roar! Breeeeeee *gurgle hack bluergh" what the hell is that!?

Roadie: S'a Breel mate.
by AlexBlood May 28, 2008
Someone that can do freakin' sweet moves when nessicary, often accompanied by a blood blister and a security guard.
"Woah, you see that LOLBOT at the show last night?"
"He was sick"
by AlexBlood May 28, 2008

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