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A form of sadistic torture commonly used in universities, businesses and some high schools.
Common symptoms of torture from computer science are:
1. Hating computers and everything related to them.
2. Pulling your hair our after trying to understand error messages.
3. Extreme anger as a result of the computer being an asshole that takes everything literally.
4. Loss of motivation/apathy towards work
Ex. 1:
John: "Hey Bill, I thought you majored in computer science. Why are you working at McDonalds? You could be making a lot of money doing that shit."
Bill: "Well, I did get offered a job in a firm that pays 250k a year but I decided I would rather kill myself and cut off my testicles before I actually work with computers again. Fuck computers and fuck computer science."

Ex. 2:
Henry looked back at his choice to become a cs major with anguish. Ever since he declared cs a major, he has gained 200 pounds in the past 4 years, is completely pale and still has acne at age 22. Also, hes a virgin. This is the result of having to spend nearly 10 hours a day writing useless programs and trying to understand computer code. While his college friends were out getting laid, getting drunk, smoking weed, partying and doing a shit ton of awesome drugs, Henry was stuck in front of his computer trying to figure out why his program won't compile.

Ex. 3:
Gail stares intently at his computer screen. "I almost got it," he mutters to himself. "There it is! Eureka!" Now I can finally work on something else.

What we have hear is Gail mulling over a problem in one of his programs. But, what you don't know is that Gail has been working on the same 4 lines of code for 78 hours as a result of some fucktarded error message that he kept receiving.

Ex. 4:
"I can't wait to go to my Java class today!! It's filled with nothing but hot girls!" -said no one ever
by Alex35324 October 07, 2013

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