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2 definitions by Alex1

1) A great godly strong funny cool hidden alien person, who shows his alienness by outing weird behaviour, normally well accepted ass funny, by haters seen as attention-attractingly annoying behaviour. He is funny, friendly helping and cool. He is great at freestyle-sports, usually because of lack of fear. He loves sports and this results in a great body. Very social and popular by many kinds of people in many environments. Kind of a player but a great lover. Loved Or hated by girls. He has an "overwhelming" personality.

2) Male name from old norse origin, originally meaning brave boy or brave warrior.
Ex: That guy is such a wimp, I wished he was more like Sven.
You have the hottest boyfriend! He's totally a Sven.
by alex1 June 27, 2012
To soak or wet something or someone.
Bro, you totally douched me with your frickin beer!
by Alex1 June 12, 2006