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A religion devoted to the love making act of anal penetration, invented in the late 60s by one referred to as Bailidge.
Yo bitch-lover i fancy converting to analology, i could do with some of that bum lovin'.
by Alex the ham April 11, 2008
A punk band from mattishall. With a vocalist who has never seen music.
oh that was as good as a barfight!!!
by Alex the ham February 25, 2008
shitpiss is a runny turd that usually catches you off guard with its speed, also see pissshit.
i just had a shitpiss all over the wall.
by Alex the ham February 25, 2008
1 when you piss out runny turd from your penis.2 This is also used as a swear when things go wrong.
1 i pisshited all over yo mama!
by Alex the ham February 25, 2008
When a person masturbates with their pinky finger out as if drinking tea.
OHH Phillip i love a good posh wank what,what
by Alex the ham February 26, 2008

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