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The state of one's anus when smeared poo bits create a burning or itching sensation in and around the rim of the asshole. The best cure for poop butt is a thorough soapy washing. Poop butt is easily avoided if one wipes with enough vigor and strength to remove all the lingering poo.
Person 1: Oh god, I have poop butt!
Person 2: Wipe it!
Person 1: It's too late! I'm just gunna go take a shower.
Person 2: Showering is indeed the best cure for poop butt!
by Alex Wilson July 10, 2008
An omgasm is when someone goes OMGOGMOGMOMGOGMOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGM on the Internet. Commonly used by retarded 8th graders who think they know how to use the Internet, but really just found a keyboard on the ground and started hitting it.
by Alex Wilson July 27, 2005
To masturbate and then fall asleep
Person 1: Damn, it's getting late. I think I'm going to whack it and then pass out.
Person 2: Ah, you mean the ol' ooze'n'snooze.
Person 1: Why of course.
by Alex Wilson December 24, 2007

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