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Inu Yasha (also known as Inuyasha, Inu-Yasha, and in Japan as Inu Yasya) is a very good manga series and anime series created by Rumiko Takahashi (Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Forest, famous for her love triangles). It is only very good, however, if you do not buy the Hong Kong bootlegs (very bad subtitles), buy VIZ's americanized dubs (includes the ones on Cartoon Network), or download certain fansubs. What to do? Learn Japanese.
Inu Yasha is kawaii!
Inu Yasha kicks youkai butt!
Everything is so much better in Japan, even the girls and Inu Yasha. Just don't try the cheese.
by Alex Trujillo May 04, 2004
Anime or Manga that has been edited so as to not include what the authors originally intended. This editing is to make it possible to send this product into the minds of small children who aren't smart enough to understand americanization makes the product crappy and are unable to get it the proper way, straight from Japan.
Yu-Gi-Oh is what happens when americanization gets out of hand.
by Alex Trujillo May 04, 2004
Americanization is the process of editing out offensive material in Anime and Manga from Japan, who's population isn't as uptight as the Protestants we have here, in the US. This often does NOT improve the quality of the anime. Cool action scenes (violence), descriptive language (expletives), intimate moments (nudity), and shounen/shoujo-ai (homosexuality) is often affected.
Americanization? You mean the castration, neutering, spaying, and female-circumcision process being used by VIZ Entertainment?
by Alex Trujillo May 04, 2004
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